Summer Packet | Preschool Bridging to Kindergarten


Summer packet – Kindergarten Readiness! Tons of activities to get ready for kindergarten.

Page 4: Alphabet linking chart
Page 5: student draws a self-portraits. Make sure to note if portrait is developmentally appropriate.
Page 6: capital letter assessment
Page 7: lowercase letter assessment
Page 8: numbers assessment
Page 9: shapes assessments
Page 10: student will circle the letters which are in their name and write their name on the lines below
Page 11: a practice page where students write their name daily
Page 12 – 13: student match capital and lowercase letters
Page 14: student will name two pictures and Mark if the pictures begin with the same sounds
Page 15-20: Student will choose the beginning sounds
Page 21-22: Student will choose the correct letter sound for each picture
Page 23-24: Student will read the word and choose the correct word that describes the picture
Page 25: Words that rhyme
Page 26: Syllables
Page 27-28: the following worksheet is of a picture, where various directions can be given to the student to test their knowledge of prepositions and their ability to follow verbal directions. I have not written in specific directions so you as the teacher can make them up as you go along. You can use specific colors, prepositions, certain shapes and marks to interact with the page. For example, you can have the student put an “x” on an item below or above something. Use your imagination.
Page 29: Have the student draw the car to go right or left
Page 30: One to one correspondence and counting
Page 31-33: Counting
Page 34: Choose the apples that have sets of 5
Page 35-37: Patterns, same and different
Page 38-39: Handwriting
Page 40-41: Alphabet Board Game

Do you need fun activities for kindergartners getting ready to go to first?


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