Five Senses

Observational skills are key to science exploration. This unit gives students an introduction to how we use our senses to explore the world. A very important skill to becoming a successful scientist.

In this unit students will dive deep and explore one sense at a time. I recommended exploring one sense at a time, each on a different day. A great way to introduce this unit is to talk about how we experience the world.

Writing Paper (Pages 8-9)
Pocket Chart (Pages 10-13)
We explore the world with our senses. We touch, taste, hear, see, and smell.

Vocabulary (Pages 14-16)
Sense of Touch (Pages 17-24)
Sense of Smell (pages 25-29)
Sense of Taste (Pages 30-36)
Sense of Sight (Pages 31-41)
Sense of Hearing (pages 42-44)
Listening Activity with MP3 included in packet
Senses Assessment Activities (Pages 45-55)


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