Welcome administrators!

We wanted it to make it easier for you to be able to use Selma Dawani resources in your school. Many schools require a vendor to have a W-9 as well as use Purchase Orders. This simple and free sign up allows your school to use that option. Upon signing up you will be able to download our W-9 form and be able to check out using either a purchase order, credit card or paypal.

School Purchases

  • Purchase Orders
  • Download W-9 Form

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The first step is signing up as a school and adding the items you would like to purchase into the cart.

You have the option to either pay in full with credit card/paypal or to complete your transaction as a Purchase Order. A purchase order checkout essentially creates a price quote locking in what you added to cart at the price it was that day. Next, you print it out and follow the procedures set by your school.

Once we receive by email,, your signed purchase order form provided by your school we will complete the transaction so that you have immediate access to the downloads and bill your school. Your school has 30 days to pay the bill.