Winter Sports Thematic Study for Pre-k to KG (word wall, write the room, etc)


This 23 page pack is great on its own or to supplement your Sochi Olympics unit. Download the preview. What you will get:

-Fry Words: the, to, of, you, and, a, in, is
-Dot-dob Beginning Sounds
-Winter Sport Patterns
-Torch Size Differentiation
-Graphing Medals
-Emergent Reader: “My Winter Sports Book”
-Writing Prompt: “The Day I Won” for both boys and girls

-Word Wall: Print out the word wall in color and on card stock. Laminate and cut apart. Hang these on your word wall.

Word wall words: bobsleigh, curling, skating, hockey, torch, ski jump, skiing, snowboarding, medal, luge, winter, athletes.

-Word wall Worksheets: Copy work to practice handwriting.

-Write the Room (Counting): Print out everything in color and on card stock. Laminate and cut apart. Put the cards around the room. The students will find a card, locate the picture on their worksheet and record the number they counted on the card.

Keywords: Olympics, Sochi, Winter Games, Winter Sports, Winter Sports Thematic Unit

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