Telling Time


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Telling time Activities for Second Grade 2.MD.7 can be confusing for some students. This pack is filled with many different ways to approach this subject as well as being scaffolded so you will review time and clocks then move onto telling time by the hour, half hour, quarter-hour, then finally nearest five minutes.

So many printables, center activities and ideas are in this 71 page pack.

Here is what is included:
6: Anchor Chart-Time is the duration of an event from start to finish.
7: Anchor Chart-Measuring Time
8: Anchor Chart-The clock and telling time words
9: Fill in the clock worksheet
10: Fill in the minutes worksheet
11: Understanding the clock (great tool for assessment/benchmark)
12: Activities and their Duration (Hour, Minute, Seconds)
13: Worksheet-Telling time on the hour.
14: Worksheet-Telling time to the half hour.
15: Worksheet-Telling time to the quarter-hour.
16: Worksheet-Match the time on analog to digital clock
17: Worksheet-Draw the hands on the clock to match the digital time.
18: Worksheet-Telling time to five minutes.
19: Worksheet-What time is it? This is a great interactive activity to do with your students. Great to gauge knowledge and pinpoint trouble spots.
20: Tricky Times (Class discussion on how the hour hand works)
21-24: Interactive Mini-book students read the sentence and decide whether the activity is am or pm and then draw the hands on the clock.
25-28: Center One Students will read the time on the card. They will also be prompted to sort the cards to hour, half hour and quarter hour and count them up and write how many.
29-31: Student will read the time in words and then record the time in digital and analog format.
32-42: Students will use these cards to match the times.
43-45: File Folder Game: Fishing for Time
46-55: Math Journal Prompts on Telling Time
56-69: Giant clock printables

This packet satisfies the telling time common core standard 2.MD.7


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