Skip Counting & Hundred Chart Pattern Exploration Activities


Introducing the 100 Chart Teacher Activities
Page 4: Make a personal number chart. Color your age, birth month, number of people in your family, number of letters in your first name, your lucky number, etc.
Page 5: Have students color in the numbers to create a picture. It is a cupcake!
Page 6: Locate where a number should be on a number chart and write the number and also +1/-1 and also write +10/-10. Continue with another number till the chart is completed.
Page 7: Name patterns is a great way to introduce students to patterns within the chart. On a blank chart have your students spell their name over and over until they complete the boxes in the chart. Have them shade in the first letter of their name. Now, have them compare with other friends and see who has the same pattern and why.



Pattern Exploration Teacher Prompts
Use with page 8-9. Use the following prompts when exploring a number chart. Students can use counters to cover the squares. Discuss the patterns.
What do you notice when you color every number with the digit __ in the ones place? In the tens place?
Cover all numbers with two identical digits.
Cover all numbers with digits that add up to ___.
Cover all numbers with a first digit that is larger than the second digit.
Cover all numbers containing the digit ___.
Cover all numbers with digits that add up to 10.

Page 10: Students will figure out what the rule is for a given set of numbers.

Adding & Subtracting with the 100 Chart

Pages 11-14
Start with a number. Explain to students that each time they move up or down they are moving by 10’s and when they move left or right they are moving by ones.

Use the 100’s chart and counters to demonstrate. Students should be aware that: When your student subtracts they will move up and to the left. When they add they will move down and to the right.

Looking at Patterns With Multiples
Page 16: Math is a science of patterns. – poster.

Pages 17-27: Posters of each multiple on a hundred chart

Pages 28-38: Pattern exploration activities. Have students color/cover multiples of a number and find the patterns. Discuss the patterns. After exploring as a class, have students complete the mini pattern book to keep in their math toolbox to refer to when starting multiplication.

What patterns happen in vertical columns?
What patterns happen in horizontal rows?
What patterns happen in various diagonal rows?

Skip Counting & Multiplication
Pages 39-44: After looking at the patterns that multiples create work on memorizing skip counting. The mini book has a space dedicated to students writing in the multiples for each number to help aid them in skip counting.

Page 45: Skip counting Group activityPass the Paper: Put students in groups. One person will write the number to count by then pass it to the next person who will add the next, etc. For example, student a will write 2, student b 4, student c 6, etc.

You can also have groups stand in a circle and pass a ball from student to student counting by the number.

Pages 46-56: Skip counting cut and paste
Students will cut and paste the numbers in order.

Pages 57-63: Recreate a hundred chart or cut apart for number cards.

Beginning multiplication activities: BONUS
Google Slides Star Array Activity


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