Second Grade Word Problems – All CGI Types



math-word-problems-for-second-grade-cgi-01Word Problems for 2nd Grade focuses on understanding, planning and solving a word problem. Solving word problems can get confusing for students. This pack has everything you need to help them Understand, Plan and Solve! The following word problems are within 100 satisfying common core standard 2.NBT.5

This pack was made out of necessity. I have a student that needed as much extra practice and guidance regarding word problems as I can offer. You will find 3 posters, a bookmark, solving word problems explanation and example page, three work mats, 12 word problems to use during one-to-one/small group instruction, 24 strategy guided independent practice, QR tutor for kids who want even more guidance (this will link to youtube channel where the problems are worked through out loud), 35 set of word problems in 3 forms: Set a, is each problem on a sheet individually- this is good for the tutor or special teacher that wants a set for one student. Set b, is each problem on its own sheet, this is good for students that need more direction in solving the problems and excellent for guided practice, and set c is perfect for the classroom teacher because each problem is on one sheet with 7 per page.

Page 4: Word Problem Process Bookmark
Page 5-7: Word Problem Process Posters (Understand, Plan, Solve)
Page 8-9: This is to guide the teacher, tutor, parent as to how problems are solved and an example. You can give a copy to your student if you feel it is beneficial.
Page 10: Part-Part-Whole Bar Work Mat (Use during “understand”)
Page 11: Comparison Bar Work Mat (Use during “understand”)
Page 12: Solve Work Mat (Use during “solve”)
Page 13-14: Word problems to use during small group/individual instruction. Use with workmats.
Page 15-38: Individual Practice problems (these pages have space to guide student through the process UPS)
Page 39: QR Tutor – Student will attempt to solve the problem. If they need further help, they can scan the QR code and will be taken to you safeshare youtube video where the problem is solved for them.
Page 40: All of the 35 word problems are the same for set a,b,c but are presented differently so that they can be used simply by tutor, teacher or parent.
Page 41-45: Word Problems Set a – each problem is on the page
Page 46-80: Word Problems Set b- each problem is one per page, great for kids who still need guidance to solve.
Page 81-115 Word Problems Set c- each problem is 7 per page, perfect for the classroom teacher.
Page 116-117: Math doodle page for understand, plan, solve

* 2.OA.A.1 * 2.OA.B.2 * 2.NBT.B.5 * 2.NBT.B.6
* 2.NBT.B.9 * 2.MD.C.8

Problems are written in Cognitive Guided Instructional Format
Problem types include:
* Add To – Result Unknown
* Add To – Change Unknown
* Add To – Start Unknown
* Take From – Result Unknown
* Take From – Change Unknown
* Take From – Start Unknown
* Put Together/Take Apart – Total Unknown
* Put Together/Take Apart – Addend Unknown
* Put Together/Take Apart – Both Addends Unknown
* Compare – Difference Unknown
* Compare – Bigger Unknown
* Compare – Smaller Unknown

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Updated 11/11/2016 Math Doodle Notes for Understand, Plan, Solve


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