Multiplication Mission Facts Training Program (Self-Paced with Google Slides)


This self-paced multiplication facts (x2-x9) training program is a fun way for your students to memorize their times table while pretending to accomplish a space mission. This pack aligns to common core standard 3.OA.C.7

This download has everything to get you started. Included are decorations for MISSION MULTIPLICATION, google slides/PDF introduction activity that will get your students to understand the zero and identity properties of multiplication as well as walk them through other important vocabulary. After this google slides introduction, your students will complete a lapbook which will be used to store all of their training papers, their flash cards and also be used as a facts tracker. As soon as your students have a verbal exam with you, you will hole punch the correct mission to mark MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Another google slides, called ORIENTATION, will help you introduce the procedures needed for MISSION MULTIPLICATION.

PDF versions of both google slide documents are included in case you do not use google slides in your classroom.

STUDENT PROCEDURE: Students will work at their own pace. They have flash cards, 2 practice sheets for each factor they need to master before signing up for a verbal review. They then get a hole punch and move on to the next mission (factor).

Also included are eight MP3’s which are set to a tune with accompanying posters that can be printed out. There is also a separate PDF that has embedded audio so that you can keep this on your chrome books (or shared computer) so students can listen on their own time. ((Does not work on ipad))


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