Earth Day Activities


Earth Day Activities to make taking care of our environment important this April 22nd. 36 pages.

Earth Day Song MP3 / Video
•Earth Day Coloring Page
•Recycle Puzzle in Color & BW
•Word Wall: composting, litter, pollution, paper, natural gas, earth, atmosphere, glass bottle, plastic bag, aluminum can, solar energy, wind turbines, land, water, air
•Literacy Word Wall Activities: Earth Day Unscramble & Handwriting
•Match Activities: Recycling Number Bonds & Roll and Color
•Earth Day Google Slides Recording Form & Answer Key
•“I am an Earth Hero” & “I promise” Writing Prompts (Differentiated Paper)
•Small Groups Game “Earth Day” just print cards on blue/green paper. To play, student rolls one die, chooses card if lands on blue/green recycling box. If green recycle box just answers a question, the blue recycle box is a luck card, person drawing will either move back or forward the number of spaces indicated on the card.
•Ways to Protect Earth Spinner Craftivity
•Recycling Sort then graph data
•Earth Day Mini Book: Student will draw their own pictures
•Mini Reader “I am an Earth Day Hero!



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