Beginning Multiplication


Beginning multiplication by investigating equal groups and playing around with array models.

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Beginning multiplication (Equal Groups, Arrays, Meaning of Factors) by investigating equal groups and playing around with array models.

In this 46 page resource, your students will skip count using puzzles. While they skip count, they will investigate equal groups with a math center that has them take equal groups and have them relate it to repeated addition and finally write a multiplication problem which they solve.

They will also have a repeated addition problem where they draw equal groups and finally put it in an array model. They will also complete another center that has them take everyday objects and write the size of the group and the number of the group to understand multiplication and meaning of factors.

I have also included 4 exit slips. An interactive notebook for the common core standards covered in this resource.

3 Math Centers (including the skip counting math center)
3 interactive notebook pages

If you are looking a great way to teach the concept of multiplication – look no further!

This resources supplements EngageNY Math Module 1, Topic A, Lessons 1-3
Multiplication and the Meaning of Factors
-Understanding equal groups of as multiplication
-Relate multiplication to the array model
-Interpret the meaning of factors

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Operations & Algebraic Thinking

3.OA.A.1, 3.OA.A.3


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