• Starting the month with Acrostic poems is a great way for students to use their senses to help them come up with words to describe the month. The set is differentiated with 3 different writing lines best suited for your students.
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    Morning Meeting Messages is great for August/September Morning Meeting for kindergarten. This is a digital resource perfect for your kindergarten classroom. Get started back to school with this ready to go resource. This resource is a great template you can use to guide your daily morning meeting. Each day has a welcome/morning work slide you can have displaying your students work for that morning. If you purchased my morning work, I already have added it to the slide. If you are not using it, just delete that slide. To signal the start of morning work, I have a good morning song that I have added. After greeting, there is a slide you can add your group activity. Next, there is a slide that prompts you to go through your calendar routine. Then you read your morning message which is easily customizable. Do a quick language and math activity, then finally close it up with a think and share. Morning Meeting Slide Templates Morning Work Song Greeting Group Activity Message / Math & Language Activity Think and Share The skills covered are: Rhyming Beginning Sounds Prepositions Missing Number Brainstorming words that start with letter Counting 1-10 Speaking Skills

    Morning Work

    This packet contains 20 days of morning work for the month of September for Kindergarten. Each activity is on half a page - saving you paper. Students will either glue the entire page into their "Good Morning Work" Interactive Notebook or follow the directions and add a portion of the paper according to the activity. Your students will practice a variety of fine motor, writing, counting, rhyming activities perfect for back to school.

    Monthly Homework Pages for Kindergarten (August/September) Weeks 1-4

     These monthly homework pages are a good way to extend learning to home. The front of the homework page has a place to track counting, reading at home, sight words and alphabet linking chart checklist. Students will practice writing, beginning sounds, rhyming, and counting for the first four weeks. The back of the page is titled "Extra Practice" and allows families to choose extension activities that are fun to do. Each week there are also QR code links to stories to listen to. FILE ALLOWS YOU TO EDIT 1) Letter to Parents 2) Sight Words
  • They are 26 alphabet mini-books, the vowels are all short except for the "unicorn" in U. The books are perfect for independent reading time. Also good for vocabulary building in ESL/EFL.
  • Sight words - learning primer sight words? Your beginning reader will find these worksheets fun! You will need crayons, glue, scissors, a highlighter and alphabet stamps. I recommend the ones from Educational Insights. This pack has a master list, flashcards and the worksheets. I use the flashcards as an assessment tool, I will give the student the pack of flashcards and have them go through it. When I first start, I will sit side by side with the student and read it to them. After they start recognizing words and working through the worksheets, I will have them go through the pack and I will record which ones they read right by placing a small dot on the master list. When the student masters the whole list, move on to the next “Sight Word Fun” packet.
  • CVC word families: Student will identify, read, and write CVC words. There is also a great center activity for the student to color, cut, and staple letters to form CVC words. Each word family activity page has a section where student colors in all of the words that belong to the CVC family, then student will sound out and write the word in the picture. Using a spinner the student will spin and spell the CVC word. Another activity I like to use as a separate center activity is making a mini book that the students can read. SHORT A -ab -ad -ag -am -an -ap -at SHORT E -ed -eg -en -et SHORT I -ib -id -ig -im -in -ip -it SHORT O -ob -og -op -ot SHORT U -ub -ud -ug -um -un -ut
  • winter writing craftivity
    Winter and Christmas writing prompts that incorporate writing with a little holiday cheer! This resource includes five no-prep craftivities that help students practice fine motor and writing skills. CHRISTMAS TREE Craftivity -Students practice cutting and gluing loops of paper to create a Christmas tree. The writing prompt to go with this craftivity is “What I Hope to See Under the Christmas Tree” SNOWMAN Craftivity -Another prompt is “The Day My Snowman Disappeared.” Students will color, cut and shape a piece of paper into a cone to make a carrot nose. Very cute and a great way to get extra fine motor practice with some fun seasonal writing! HOT COCOA / HOT CHOCOLATE Craftivity How about writing about the best time to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, "My Favorite Time to Drink Hot Chocolate." Students will color the mug, cut out steam and curl them with a pencil making them look three dimentional. Looks great and a great writing prompt. IGLOO Craftivity This winter craftivity is simple and really attractive – it really looks like an igloo! The writing prompt is “If I lived in an Igloo.” Santa Craftivity Students create fringe for Santa's hat, the prompt is "If I were Santa." All of the prompts come with three differentiated lined paper, perfect for all of your students. This craftivity looks great displayed in your classroom or hallway. It will turn heads and your students will love to work on them. The best part you get 4 different writing prompts that will take you through the winter season!