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  • This packet is a great way to help incoming kindergarteners get excited about materials, procedures, and routines. It is a great activity for back to school -- guided discovery is perfect to use for the first 4-6 weeks of school,: To excite children about classroom materials. To help children explore materials with confidence and imagination. To build a common vocabulary. To help children build a repertoire of constructive uses for materials. To enable children to make independent and purposeful choices To develop children’s ability to work cooperatively and learn from each other. To establish and teach norms and routines for the use, care, and storage of materials. Use this resource to model correct use of materials and as a starting point to teach procedures and routines. This resource covers: What is Guided Discovery? Letter to Parents about Guided Discovery Pencil & Eraser Crayons Markers for tracing Markers for coloring Colored pencils Highlighter Cotton Swabs to Paint Dauber Cutting with Scissors Scissors & Glue Stick Scissors & Liquid Glue Folding Paper Taping Paper Using a Stapler Tearing Paper Watercolors Tempera Paints Ruler as a Straight Edge Morning Routine (Entering Class) Morning Meeting Walking in the Hallway Listening Getting Teacher’s Attention Using the bathroom Keeping hands clean Cleaning up spills Cleaning up crumbs Wiping Nose Using Computer Using Ipad Using Headphones Class Library Playground Behavior Dismissal From School
  • Kids Discover the Five Senses Using Fun Science Exploration

    Observational skills are key to science exploration. This unit gives students an introduction to how we use our senses to explore the world. A very important skill to becoming a successful scientist. In this unit students will dive deep and explore one sense at a time. I recommended exploring one sense at a time, each on a different day. A great way to introduce this unit is to talk about how we experience the world. Writing Paper (Pages 8-9) Pocket Chart (Pages 10-13) We explore the world with our senses. We touch, taste, hear, see, and smell. Vocabulary (Pages 14-16) Sense of Touch (Pages 17-24) Sense of Smell (pages 25-29) Sense of Taste (Pages 30-36) Sense of Sight (Pages 31-41) Sense of Hearing (pages 42-44) Listening Activity with MP3 included in packet Senses Assessment Activities (Pages 45-55)
  • Looking for fun fall activities aligned to the common core for KG & Grade 1? Download the preview! Activities included: Alphabet (beginning sounds, capital & lowercase letters) Counting 1-10 and by 10's Roll, count, color (Counting, addition) Tens frame 1-20 Pumpkins 1-100 Same & Different Autumn Word Stamp & Reader Pumpkin Investigation Observation Growth Parts of a Pumpkin Inside a Pumpkin Pumpkin Shape Book
  • Camping and outdoor fun all year round! This 235 page decor kit will get your classroom reflecting the outdoors in no time. Just print and decorate. Included: 1. Camping/Outdoor Themed Alphabet Posters 2. Bookmarks 3. Birthday Display 4. Bulletin / Door / Hall Display “Camping Out in __” 5. Bulletin Board Use Letters & Numbers 6. Calendar months, year and day cards 7. Center posters 8. Classroom Jobs 9. Classroom Library Set-up 10. Student Behavior (coupons, punch cards, certificates) 11. Teacher Binder Pages 12. Editable Classroom Newsletter 13. Desk Name Tags 14. Table Numbers 15. Word Wall Labels 16. Posters “Look What We are Learning” and THINK. 17. Color Posters Check out my pinterest board to get your class in tip top shape! Camping and simple outdoor decorations will make your classroom a place where students want to be!
  • This 23 page pack is great on its own or to supplement your Sochi Olympics unit. Download the preview. What you will get: Worksheets -Fry Words: the, to, of, you, and, a, in, is -Dot-dob Beginning Sounds -Winter Sport Patterns -Torch Size Differentiation -Graphing Medals -Emergent Reader: “My Winter Sports Book” -Writing Prompt: "The Day I Won" for both boys and girls Activities -Word Wall: Print out the word wall in color and on card stock. Laminate and cut apart. Hang these on your word wall. Word wall words: bobsleigh, curling, skating, hockey, torch, ski jump, skiing, snowboarding, medal, luge, winter, athletes. -Word wall Worksheets: Copy work to practice handwriting. -Write the Room (Counting): Print out everything in color and on card stock. Laminate and cut apart. Put the cards around the room. The students will find a card, locate the picture on their worksheet and record the number they counted on the card. Keywords: Olympics, Sochi, Winter Games, Winter Sports, Winter Sports Thematic Unit Don't forget to follow my store!
  • Literacy & Math in Dramatic Play Center A great set of printables to throw math and literacy skills into your dramatic play center. Just like in real life your students will act out and use the math and literacy skills used in a restaurant. Student will create a menu, set up their restaurant, take orders, prepare the food, run up the bill and collect the money. Fun!!
  • Plants

    PLANTS: PLANT LIFE CYCLE: SEEDS Includes many Plants posters, plants reader, interactive plants printables! This plants unit contains everything you need to make an amazing plants science unit. Please download the preview to see each page and how it helps students learn about plants better. Page 3-4: Plants Poster Page 5-6: Needs of Plants Poster Page 7-8: Plants Life Cycle Poster Page 9-10: Parts of a Plant Poster Page 11: Students will gather photos of plants Page 12: Plants Life Cycle Cut and Paste Page 13: Compare and Contrast Plants and Animal Page 14: Compare and Contrast Tree and Flower Page 15: KWL Page 16: Searching for Seeds at Home Page 17: Size of Plants Page 18: What are you planting? Page 19: Sequencing Page 20: Read and Color Page 21: Read and Do Page 22-25: How to Grow a Plant Mini Reader Page 26-27: Graphing Seeds with Master Chart to glue all seeds you will use Page 28: We eat plant parts Page 29: Celery Experiment Page 30-31: My Plant Book (Observation Journal for Nature hunt) Page 32-33: My Plants Observations (If you grow plants in the classroom) Page 34: All About Plants Poster (What you will learn display) Page 35-40: Word Wall Page 41-43: Listening Center (QR CODES) with response page Page 44: QR CODE educational songs
  • Looking for grade 1 resources that have a winter theme? Then look no further! Winter Math & Literacy Aligned for Common Core Grade 1 48 Pages of Activities plus 2 Bonus Center Worksheets Literacy Worksheets/Possible Center Winter Sentence Order Fact or Fiction Punctuation Practice Read & Draw CvCe Words CVC Words ABC Order Blends Rhyming Mittens Verbs Short & Long Vowel Sounds First Grade Dolch Sight Words Nouns Proper & Common Nouns Prepositions Winter Fun Time Writing PromptsWinter Themed Journaling Paper Math Worksheets / Center 100’s Chart Addition Subtraction Roll & Color Place Value Ordinal Numbers Missing Addends Measurement Graphing Fact Families Even or Odd Before - Between - After
  • A total of 16 math, literacy and fine motor activities for your preschool students. All activities are differentiated for different skill levels. Your students are sure to enjoy this unit this winter while they measure, sort and match. These are not just worksheets but also math and literacy centers for your little ones. They are going to love it. Download the preview to see details. Shape Sort Center Shape & Color Match Center Snowman Number Puzzle Activity Snowman One to One Correspondence Center Alphabet Clip Cards Center (Capital/lowercase match, alphabetize) Snowflakes patterns center Snowman Numbers center Snowflake visual discrimination activity Snowflake Match Snowman Emergent Reader "How tall are you?" Snowman activity Various math worksheets Various phonics worksheets Various fine motor worksheets So many great printables! The preview will give you a thorough overview. 2016 Update: Color cards now include black and white. Shape includes brown octagon. The color name cards and shape cards can now work together for matching activities!
  • The butterfly unit is by far one of the most memorable units your students will experience. Since raising butterflies encompasses many grade levels this packet is designed to be used with many. This pack includes: KWL (Butterfly & Caterpillar) Word Wall: metamorphosis, life cycle, eggs, larva, caterpillar, pupa, chrysalis, adult, butterfly, abdomen, legs, head. Observation Journal: drawing for each stage, day tracker for each main stage, observation notes, what was your favorite stage prompt, facts I learned, larva needs, butterfly needs Life Cycle Poster Display Caterpillar & Butterfly Body Parts Poster Butterfly Body Parts Nomenclature Cards: Montessori script and century gothic available. Also you have the choice between antenna and antennae (singular/plural). 2 Life Cycle Worksheets