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This website is dedicated to all of us – teachers. In this website you will find documents, forms, guides, tutorials and ebooks that are sure to help us all in the classroom. There are times we find ourselves out of inspiration and need that occasional new idea to get us out of the teaching rut and that is what the Blue Brain Brainiacs Teachers’ Club is really for.

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This video is a little different. It is a video that you will present to your students to help start the discussion of gratitude and how being grateful for education actually helps them engage better in school. Gratitude as a learning strategy is the goal of this lesson. Please download the accompanying documents here.


Jane Doe Assignments

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when your students FORGET to write their paper on their assignments? This is an easy strategy that you can implement today to get them to remember to write their name!


No Prep Thanksgiving Activities

When you don’t have a lot of time to prepare activities for the week before Thanksgiving but you still want to make it special for your kids, watch this video for some quick and easy ideas.


How to Clean Erasers

Smudges on homework make me crazy. Prevent them by having clean erasers in your students pencil box all the time with this quick and easy eraser cleaning hack.