Selma Dawani

Empowering Students, Educators and Organizations with Creativity & Creative
Problem-Solving Training, Facilitation, Coaching and Consulting.

Selma Dawani is committed to unlocking the boundless potential of creativity within people. At the heart of Selma’s work is the exploration of the dynamic interplay between creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence, with a specific focus on leveraging AI to amplify the creative problem-solving process.

With a profound dedication to research and advancement, Selma’s expertise encompasses the following domains:

  1. Creative & Critical Thinking: Selma recognizes the paramount importance of robust creative thinking in generating groundbreaking and meaningful outcomes.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Selma embraces AI as the driving force behind the future of work, propelling efficiency gains and enabling breakthrough capabilities.
  3. Education: Selma champions the integration of creative problem-solving methodologies in education, empowering students and educators to flourish.
  4. Entrepreneurship: By challenging the status quo and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, Selma encourages individuals and organizations to transform innovative ideas into impactful actions.

Driven by a mission to help organizations and individuals implement innovation strategies, Selma leverages her expertise to create vibrant cultures, nurturing work environments, and optimized processes where creativity thrives.

  • Genesee Community College
    Teaching Creative Problem Solving (Adjunct)
  • Creativity Coaching for Entrepreneurs
    Not accepting any new clients at this time
  • Building Online Course for Educators
    30 Days to a Creative Classroom

Her expertise is in creativity, education, change leadership, and personal development. With a Master’s degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from SUNY Buffalo, she has acquired a deep understanding of innovative thinking, organizational change, and the dynamics of creative processes.

Additionally, she holds a Foursight Consultant Certification, demonstrating  proficiency in applying the Foursight Method to enhance problem-solving and decision-making within teams and organizations through facilitating effective collaboration, fostering creativity, and driving positive change.

Selma is also a Certified Life Coach, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to support individuals in navigating personal and professional challenges, identifying goals, and achieving personal fulfillment. Her compassionate and empowering approach enables her to guide clients through transformative journeys, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success.

Selma is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to embrace creativity, navigate change, and unlock their full potential. Her passion for fostering innovation and personal growth makes them a valuable asset in catalyzing positive transformation and achieving sustainable success.

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