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It is very important to me that I create resources with all students in mind. Students will benefit from brain-friendly resources that are differentiated and help them learn the best way for them. Resources that utilize many different learning styles and provide content that is fun and engaging. That is my promise to your students.

I promise you that I will provide you with resources, tips and tricks that help you gain control of your time and energy! I know that you are sapped by the end of the day! Your job is important and I want to support you support your students!

What to do on the First Day of Kindergarten

Exciting times are approaching! Planning for the first day of school is exciting and

First Day of School – Read Aloud, School Tour, and Treat

The first day of school has all kinds of emotions... excitement, joy, nervous, happy, overwhelmed...

School Tools Tips: Glue (Remember, dot, dot, not a lot!)

Back to school shopping was one of my fondest memories and if you know me

Classroom Rules & Hand Commands for Classroom Management

Thinking about classroom management can be daunting and fun at the exact same time. In