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The Intersection of Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence

Current Project

AI Powered Creativity.

In today’s rapidly changing world, creativity is more important than ever before. It is the driving force behind innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability, all of which are essential for success in the future of work. Whether you’re an educator, entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or a student, you will find my latest project of using AI to power the Creative Problem Solving process interesting.

Research Interest Areas

Creative & Critical Thinking

Strong Creative thinking helps you to bring forth something novel and useful.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of work by increasing efficiency and enabling new capabilities.

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It starts and ends with using the creative solving process by people for people.

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Challenge the status quo and spur ideas into action.

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Helping Organizations become a Learning Organization

So Much is Riding on our Ability to Create and Innovate.

My mission is helping organizations and people to implement an innovation strategy by creating the culture, workplace climate and processes where creativity thrives.


Tools & Resources

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