• Winter and Christmas writing prompts that incorporate writing with a little holiday cheer! This resource includes five no-prep craftivities that help students practice fine motor and writing skills. CHRISTMAS TREE Craftivity -Students practice cutting and gluing loops of paper to create a Christmas tree. The writing prompt to go with this craftivity is “What I Hope to See Under the Christmas Tree” SNOWMAN Craftivity -Another prompt is “The Day My Snowman Disappeared.” Students will color, cut and shape a piece of paper into a cone to make a carrot nose. Very cute and a great way to get extra fine motor practice with some fun seasonal writing! HOT COCOA / HOT CHOCOLATE Craftivity How about writing about the best time to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, "My Favorite Time to Drink Hot Chocolate." Students will color the mug, cut out steam and curl them with a pencil making them look three dimentional. Looks great and a great writing prompt. IGLOO Craftivity This winter craftivity is simple and really attractive – it really looks like an igloo! The writing prompt is “If I lived in an Igloo.” Santa Craftivity Students create fringe for Santa's hat, the prompt is "If I were Santa." All of the prompts come with three differentiated lined paper, perfect for all of your students. This craftivity looks great displayed in your classroom or hallway. It will turn heads and your students will love to work on them. The best part you get 4 different writing prompts that will take you through the winter season!
  • Your student will color, write, cut, and glue for this number craftivity. A nice addition to your math or art center. Watch the resource in action!
  • Fine Motor Q-Tip Painting (Images with Guides, Alphabet) OT, Special Ed. Great set of images and alphabet for your students to use q-tip painting. Perfect to improve fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and one-to-one correspondence.
  • These sheets are great for fine motor practice, one to one correspondence and letter formation. Add them to your literacy or art center.
  • Scissor skills practice for preschool and kindergarten.