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Teachers & Students From All Over the World Have Used My Resources to Improve Learning & Instruction

I have worked with teachers and parents around the world to implement strategies and up-to-date resources to improve their classroom environment and student learning.

My mission is to foster the love of learning in all children.

Learning doesn’t stop. Learning is a process that we go through daily. It is important to encourage curiosity, facilitate thinking, and help students find their passion so that they can grow up to be contributing members of our society.

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Guiding Philosophy

Everyone has their own reason for why they are teachers, how they became a teacher and why it is important. I am no different! I love education! Here are a few of my guiding principles that pave the way for how I create resources.

Guiding Philosophy #1

One of the most important aspects of learning is believing that you can.

Everyone Can Learn

As teachers and parents, we must make sure that our children have the right tools. Confidence is one of them.

Guiding Philosophy #2

Information is easier to digest once broken down into small bits.

Break it Down into Bits

If you break a difficult concept down, you will find the disconnect between the information and learner.

Guiding Philosophy #3

Students appreciate a teacher that uses relevant technologies to support learning.

Move with the Times

Keep up with educational trends in order to improve our profession and make learning relevant for our students.